*Due to COVID-19 Collection 101 will be released with Co2 (collection two) later in 2021. In the meantime we will be releasing limited pieces. Thank you for your patience. Stay safe*

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Chalk & Canvas is a clothing brand focused on post consumer consumption and care. One of the biggest problems facing the world is pollution from micro plastics. Synthetic fibers pollute our water and air, garments constructed with a combination of manmade and natural fibers cannot be recycled and release micro plastics.How often do we talk about how we care for our garments? Only until recently have we spoken about how long lasting or versatile our apparel is.Mass consumption, careless treatment and post consumer care can have an immense impact on the environment, which we can reduce by doing simple things such as: washing in cold water - using natural detergents or alternative cleaning methods (such as diluted vinegar, freezing etc...) - not over drying/hang drying - keeping garments longer (mending/repairing them).  By creating small versatile collections that are easy to clean, long lasting that can be personable will reduce the footprint we leave. Everything is made from either deadstock or organic cotton, naturally dyed with no mordants and single fiber construction using no plastics. All fabric scraps are re-worked into the design process or recycled. Nothing is wasted. The goal of Chalk & Canvas is to reteach and redefine the way we do laundry and care for our garments.